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For the convenience of our clients, we decided to cooperate only with trusted banks. See for a write-up

Now you have all the banks in one place. You do not have to walk anywhere.
See who we work with:

  • a person employed under a contract of employment
  • running a business
  • retired pensioner
  • a person on pre-retirement benefits
  • farmer
  • a person employed under a contract of mandate / work
  • receiving income from the rental of real estate

A payday loan is nothing more than a contract that was concluded between a client and a bank, which thereby undertakes to provide the borrower with a certain amount of money for a given percentage.

The payday loan may have a purpose set in the credit agreement, or you may spend funds from it for any purpose.

The borrower, when signing the payday loan agreement, undertakes to use the proceeds from the payday loan in accordance with their purpose. At the same time, he assumes the obligation to return the amount collected from the bank along with interest due to him. In the process of granting payday loans to its clients, the bank most often accrues appropriate commissions and fees in accordance with the table accepted by them. A payday loan is an obligation whose main features are interest, timeliness and maneuverability.

In the light of the law, it consists in the temporary use of free cash. By granting a payday loan, the bank has the full right to exercise control over the use of credit, and at the same time it acts as an intermediary in providing funds to the needy entities temporarily located in it. Along with the signing of the payday loan agreement by the borrower and the bank, a claim is made with the lender, as well as a liability on the part of the borrower. If you define a payday loan on the basis of economics, it is simply the bank that allows the borrower to make cash outlays that exceed the current budget of that person.

The payday loan is made available to the customer by the bank on the terms provided for in the contract.

Each time a bank decides to grant a payday loan to a borrower, it is necessary to sign a payday loan agreement. This is an important document that should contain a number of information. These include the date and place of the payday loan agreement, personal data of the parties to the contract, general payday loan provisions, amount and currency, terms of commissioning and purpose of the payday loan, payday loan period, commission and interest rate, payday loan rules, payday loan repayment date, repayment method credit, the scope of the bank’s rights, the date and the method of making the payday loan amount available. In addition to these data, the payday loan agreement should also contain information on the consequences of any breach of contract, information on the terms of the change and withdrawal from the contract by the bank and the borrower. All other arrangements of the parties should also be reflected in the provisions of the payday loan agreement. The payday loan agreement is constructed by the bank, but often the customer has the right to negotiate its terms.

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